How to use Photoshop mockups in three easy steps.

Why mockups? You might be tempted to ask why should I use a mockup. The answer is simple and it is simply because it helps put your design in a real-life context. Let’s assume you are a logo designer, the logos you design won’t exist in isolation in the real world. It will be used in context with other elements such as letterheads, business cards, car branding, t-shirts, etc, hence, the need for mockups.

This post will guide you through what you need to be able to use any mockup you download off the internet.


The first step is to get the mockup; below are some of the websites I get my mockups from. The list here is not exhaustive, you can literally google search the kind of mockup you want and you will find relevant websites.

  1. Mr Mockup is a premium mockup website and their FREE collection is awesome, you can get started with their free mockups and pay for premium if you like.
  2. Antony Boyd Graphics Anthony Boyd makes some of the most amazing mockups on the internet.
  3. Graphic Burger
  5. The mockup club
  6. Unblast

Most mockups come in a zipped folder, so you will have to unzip it, I use WinRAR to unzip my files.


After the file has been successfully unzipped, launch the photoshop file (PSD) in the folder. This PSD file usually comes arranged and well labeled and in most cases where you need to put your design would have the call to action “YOUR DESIGN HERE or DESIGN” (see the picture below).

However, if it doesn’t come labeled, you will need to put in more work to read the layers and look for the smart object. You can toggle the visibility of the layers to know which one you are on, click on the EYE icon (👁) to toggle visibility. This will help you locate the smart object easily.

A little more on SMART OBJECT.

In Photoshop, Smart Objects are the layers that bear image data from raster or vector images. This saves the image’s contents allowing you to perform nondestructive editing of a layer. So you are looking for a layer with this symbol (pictured below).

#3 Insert your design into the SMART OBJECT.

The last step is to replace the template’s mockup content with your own design. To do so, just click the Smart Object icon of the layer. Doing so will open a new Photoshop window displaying only the artwork that you are going to replace, simply drag in your own artwork and save. This will automatically update the mockup with your design and you are ready to EXPORT.

Using mockup templates is quite easy. All you have to do is follow these three basic steps and your job is done. If you find this useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Leave a comment and give me some claps.



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